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July 22, 2014


So what did I think having a baby would be like? Well... getting crafty and making so many adorable things for my bundle of joy to look adorable in while I quickly eased back into my old clothes and looked fabulous alongside my adorable baby.

Has it panned out like this?
Well my baby IS adorable and her wardrobe is enviable, however, I am not the creator of its entirety. It's trickier to find the time than I had expected. I am using bibs I made before I ever even knew Emilia would enter my life! My scrap book of ideas is brimming. I'm just waiting for that crafting blog daydream of creativity with my child wearing beautiful handmade one offs making people sick with envy. But Em is only 9 months so there is time yet.
Another thing that wasn't what I had expected was breast feeding. I never questioned that it's what I would do but I never thought that I would go on for as long as I have, some people even call it extended breast feeding, it doesn't feel extended at all, nothing about feeding Em to 9 months and hopefully more feels extended, knowing Em though it will be extended, she loves the boob. I've heard comments such as 'well once they can speak' or 'walk' or 'have teeth'. I may myself have even said the same once, I now stand corrected and hang my head in shame. Until your feeding your child and become aware of how safe they feel there, until you see that milky drunk smile look up at you, you can't judge anyone any more on their breast feeding journey.


I recently took part in an article for the Irish examiner, the article was about body image after birth and accepting your 'mummy tummy', I didn't even know it had a name until I read the article. Naturally I shared the article to friends and family and more than anything people commented on how beautiful the photograph was. Pedro took quite a few photos at the bequest of the journalist and her editor and the one chosen was by far the best. It was the most natural photo, Emilia and I had been feeding in bed and there was just so much happiness between us, it was a truly lovely moment, so I called out to pedro to bring the camera and capture it. And that's the one they chose. Had I stopped Breast feeding Emilia earlier in her life this moment and photograph would never have happened.

So has becoming a mother been what I expected it to be?
Absolutely not, it's better and totally unexpected.



Emily said...

Dee, they are beautiful pictures! Hope you get a chance to create and make, it IS hard with a wee one in tow! (Harder, I think, actually, as they get older) I'm trying to gorge on the creativity while our smallest is very small... As it is, she's starting to grab at paintbrushes and paper so my days of painting with her sleeping at the boob is looking a bit numbered... :)

Dee Agnew said...

Don't tell me it's harder as they get older! I've been banking on it getting easier. I think I have quite a fair few sleeping on the boob days left though ;)